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online dating statistics

This month, being the first of the 2014 year, has proven to be a big one in terms of various dating sites and statisticians releasing articles which attempt to analyze and in some instances take advantage of the statistical data being offered by many online dating sites. It’s as if all these people suddenly realized that taking a page from OkCupid’s now defunct OkTrends blog could help to attract some more publicity. Continue reading

Why Women’s Bad Online Dating Profiles Still Attract Tons of Men

Bad Online Dating Profiles -

A writer recently conducted an online dating experiment to test the depravity and desperation of men when it comes to seeking potential dates online. The experiment was pretty basic; setup an OkCupid dating profile with pictures of a very attractive woman, yet make the written part of the profile sound like the girl was an idiotic narcissist with a terrible personality; then sit back and watch what happens. Continue reading

Husband Sues Ashley Madison Website for Wife’s Infidelity

Husband Sues Ashley Madison

In recent news, a husband from North Carolina is suing the online dating website because his wife used the dating service to cheat on him. Apparently North Carolina is one of the few states that lets people seek monetary damages from third parties for a failed marriage. In this case, the husband is not only blaming the other guy but also blaming the Ashley Madison website and its parent company, Avid Dating Life Inc. You’d think with all this blame being thrown about that the wife who decided to cheat would be the actual cause of the affair. Continue reading

Top Ten Mistakes In Online Dating

Online dating is a proven formula that works, if one follows the rules. A key to understanding online dating is that these are not intended for ordinary affairs, but deep connections with the potential for long-term or permanent loving partnerships. Here is a list of the top ten mistakes online daters make. Avoid these, and you can hope to increase the likelihood of meeting his or her true partner sooner. Continue reading