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So every week I get the above email in my inbox from the dating site. And every week, they decide that it’s a good idea to remind of my password by spelling it out right there in the middle of the email. Yep, it’s that spot that I blanked out in yellow, and it doesn’t give me a warm fuzzy feeling inside either.

You see, most people tend to use the same passwords or password variations over and over again at different sites because it is simply easier to remember that way. Now, despite that it wouldn’t be a disaster if someone hacked into my online dating profile, they would have a password that I might be using on other sites too, sites that are probably more important to me.

I understand that it’s not like PlentyofFish is making this stuff public or anything; it does go straight into my email inbox. However, why risk it, why the need to send you an unsolicited password reminder every week? I don’t get it. Are we so forgetful that Markus needs to send us a password reminder every week? Not likely. And even if we did forget our password, why can’t they do what most sites do and only send the password when requested, you know those little links that say, “forgot your password.” That’s all you really need.

Yea, it’s only a free dating site so maybe no one is concerned that much about security but it just doesn’t sit right with me when I get an unsolicited email blatantly shoving my “secret” password into my face, or anyone else who happens to gain control of my inbox, but that’s just me.

7 thoughts on “Plenty of Fish Password Email

  1. Just to let you know … I was able to remove the yellow bar and I now have control over your account. All of your women are now mine.

  2. Cannot have acces to my account the reason forgot my password and when they ask for my email plenty of fish doesn`t reconize it… well what`s next????

  3. cant get on plentyoffish because parental control is blocking ti for the last few days i want to know why?

  4. I am trying to retireve my password which I have forgotten and cannot get to the page they want me to go to. Am not getting an email with the password either. Pls respond or I guess I will have to try another source….

  5. Lehann,

    There are a couple of things I would check. First try going to this page and entering the email address you used to create your POF account with. Hopefully they will send you a new password, if not then either two things happened:

    • The email went into your spam folder which you should check to see if it’s there
    • or it doesn’t work because it could be that they deleted your account because of a violation of the sites policy, in which case there is nothing you can do except create a new account from scratch.

    Hope that helps.

  6. Hi,
    Been a member for a long time but last week I tried to get into my profile and no results at all and very frustrated now. I need help badly.
    Thank you,


    Editor’s Note: Mark, what are you thinking leaving your username AND password AND email on a public website!!! I’ve gone ahead and removed that information from your comment but in the future, for your own sake DO NOT post your password for anything on the Internet.

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