How To Unsubscribe From PlentyofFish Email Notifications

Every once in awhile I’ll get emails from people who are baffled as to how one can stop getting email notifications from the PlentyofFish dating site. Of course, this is understandable because the opt out process for certain Plenty of Fish notifications is difficult to find on the user interface and in the case of some emails it’s near impossible to unsubscribe. Below, I’ll walk you through the process of managing your POF email settings.

First, there is the issue of email notifications for when another user either sends you email or adds you to their favorites, in addition to local event notifications. You can change these settings by clicking on the “Edit Profile” link in the top menu and then clicking on the “Mail Settings” link as show in the picture below.

Next you scroll all the way to the bottom of the that page to eventually find the email notifications section which looks like this:

Obviously if you don’t want any of these notifications then you simply click “no” to all the options and then click “Update Mail Settings” to save it.

Stopping the Plenty of Fish Customer Care Emails

Finally, there are those weekly customer care emails that PlentyofFish likes to send which simply remind us that we have new matches, in addition to haphazardly revealing our passwords in plain text. The emails tend to look like this:

Unfortunately these can not be stopped according to POF’s passive aggressive help section which says the following:

You can stop message notifications (sent out when you get a message) in Mail Settings. Unfortunately you cannot stop the “latest match” emails usually sent out on Mondays – if these are a problem we’ll delete your account upon request.

So as you can see, Markus just likes being a dick, and if you want to use his service than you are subjected to his pointless “latest match” emails while also displaying his disregard for the security of your password. And all you can do to stop it is delete your account.

Though if you do want to keep using Plenty of Fish and not have those pesky customer care emails show up in your inbox, then it may be best to setup a simple filter in your email program and have them go straight to the trash.

Hope that helps those who were looking for POF email solutions.

19 thoughts on “How To Unsubscribe From PlentyofFish Email Notifications

  1. why is there no email address to plenty of fish???? why do u hide? and why can profiles not be deleted off that
    website??? very very angry here

  2. Hi Megga, just so you know this blog is not associated at all with and if you are looking to be removed from their site then you will have to log into THAT site with your user name and password and delete your own account. As far as this site is concerned, I do not have you on any list and have nothing about you to remove. Good luck.

  3. legyptien,

    Try going to the following link while logged into PlentyofFish:

    There should be a link to delete your account or profile near the bottom.

    Also, I’ll be writing a full post in a few days that walk you through the process of unsubscribing and deleting your Plenty of Fish account and profile.

    Hopefully that helps :)

  4. robin,

    Sorry but I am not affiliated with POF other than the free regular member account I have with the site.

    I understand that it is frustrating contacting the admin/owner of PlentyofFish and they certainly do make it difficult to figure out how to delete ones profile. However, it’s not impossible to delete, there is a way, you just have to know where to look. Try the following link and look for the option to delete your account near the bottom:

    Hope that helps.

  5. OK it’s very usefull thanks. But I’m curious where you should click to get this page “deleteaccount.aspx”. How to delete without clicking on your link. Anyway, I deleted my profile yet :)


  6. I want to stay with Plenty of Fish… BUT…..I would like to change my old email address from [email removed for privacy]….. to… …[email removed for privacy]

    Thank you

  7. Beverley,

    This is not the place to request changing your email address on your POF account since this site nor myself have no association with at all and thus not able to facilitate such requests.

    That being said, if you want to change your email, then log on to: with your current user name and password, then click on the “Edit Profile” link near the top, scroll down to the bottom and you will see the area with your email address. Simply put in the new address and click the “Update Registration” button and you should be all set.

    Hope that helps.

  8. for some reason im reciving emails in my plentyoffish of the latest matches why do i receive so many?also when im not logged in for awhile they stop coming.why do they stop coming if i havent been logged in?

  9. Great post! This was very helpful, I ended up making a filter for the pesky emails to automatically delete them. What a dick he is indeed!

  10. How do I send a email to POF. I paid for a lifetime membership and now they want to charge a fee . That is breaking the law .

  11. i have been on this site for about 3mouth i have had some women to talk to but a lot of women on this site do not say yes or no when you ask to talk to them it wood be nice to get a reply i hope you can do somthing about this thank you your,s larry robinson

  12. good morning,Since January of 2012 I had delete my accunt even I put away my pictures a means,I made sure that it was very close cause I did it only for one month,now I am realized that you have been charging me and picking out my money from my credit card from February until now, on 05/07/2012,for six months I am being paying for nothing,since there I never went back to this site and check it out,so I need my money back…$222.02,would you please stop this madness mistake,here is my adresse [address removed for privacy].

  13. Salomon,

    This website and myself is not associated with POF and thus there is nothing that we can do about refunding your money. You will need to actually contact the people at the website to do this. The fact that you post your full name and home address publicly in the comments (which I’ve removed to help spare your privacy) of this blog post makes me think that you are not very Internet savvy and that your best bet is to simply talk to a teenage relative that can help you.

    Good luck!

  14. I tried but when I was filling in the blanks it ask for providence I m not in Canada but could not get it to go back so I could click on the U.S.then I tried deleting the account but that did not work either,please advise

  15. I deleted my pof account over a month ago & can’t log into because it’s gone. But I’m still
    getting upcoming event emails from “healing cat” . How can I stop these emails?

  16. I deleted my account over a month ago and can not log into because it’s closed. But I’m still getting upcoming event emails. How can I stop these emails if I can no longer access the closed account ?

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