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A recent discussion on Reddit’s Seduction forum regarding attracting women using your OkCupid profile got much attention when one person claimed to be getting 110-120 visitors a week to his own personal profile, which we know is rare for a lot of men. Fortunately this gentleman was willing to share an example of his OkCupid profile tips and notes with it.

Below is a full page image of a good example of an OkCupid profile. Be sure to click the image and magnify to make it larger and more readable.

What’s interesting about this guy and his profile isn’t that he just gets hundreds of visitors to his profile, but that he gets messaged from women often and is able to frequently setup online dates with them. And as one commenter put it in the Seddit thread, the high amount of visitors is possibly due to the guys looks, but the witty and attractive profile is what helps gets the message and date. However, regardless of looks which do matter to an extent, it’s still important to have a good profile.

Though the profile isn’t exactly edgy or winning OkCupid profile of the year, it does do a good job at covering a majority of the bases for creating an attractive profile. Lets break ’em down:

  • Starts of the profile with some wit and spunk, while throwing out both fancy terms like, “Joie de vivre” and also calling himself a “big dork.” He’s showing that he’s an educated worldy guy while also being self-deprecating, as not to appear too cocky or stuck up. These are the types of qualities that really make a man stand out and appear to be a high value male.
  • He casts a wide net, including a lot of different types of hobbies and passions without creating too big of a laundry list, while also being fairly general and vague about certain aspects of his life. This is important because you want to seem like an interesting person with lots of things going on in your life but not too detailed that it removes the air of mystery that is your life (as far as she knows).
  • He doesn’t come off as overtly sexual or creepy, which is key for online dating since everyone is a complete stranger, it’s important to appear as normal and down to earth as possible.
  • At the end of his profile he has two important elements, one being a quick cold read describing practically every girl that the OP is interested in; and secondly he is very sure to have a call to action which directly tells his visitors to email him.

All in all, I’d say this is a very solid OkCupid profile example, and a pretty good template for anyone who wants to up their online profile game.

One thought on “OkCupid Profile Tips & Example

  1. Here’s the thing about trying to disassemble and reassemble a profile like that: There is no way you’re going to be able to take that kind of paint-by-numbers approach if you don’t actually have the goods. I think that job one, if you want anything worthwhile or lasting, is to give a real, accurate, and genuinely confident portrayal of who you are.

    So the irony is that anyone who needs this template isn’t going to benefit from it, and anyone who can successfully use this template probably doesn’t need it anyway.

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