How to Delete Your Cupid Account

Like most dating sites, deleting your account from can be a little confusing to figure out, but don’t worry, below are step by step instructions with screen shots that show how to delete your Cupid account and profile. Also note that these instructions are for which is a different dating site than (Go here to delete your OkCupid account).

Step 1

Log in to your account and look for the ‘My Account’ link at the top of the page and click it as shown in the following image:

Delete Cupid Account Step 1

Step 2

You should now be on your account page where you scroll down the page until you see three columns of buttons labeled ‘My Profile:’, ‘Account:’ and ‘Upgrades’. Then look down the ‘Account’ column until you see the button labeled ‘Remove Account’ and click on it as shown in the next image:

How to delete Cupid Account Step 2

Step 3

You will now be taken to a pre-removal page where you will have to enter your Cupid password in order to confirm the removal of your account as shown in the next image: Pre Removal Page

Step 4

By now you should be on the Stage 2 Pre-removal page of You will need to scroll down and find a column of radio buttons which include options for taking you off the mailing list, hiding your profile, both unsubscribing from the mailing list and hiding your profile, and finally the forth option is to remove your profile and account completely. Be sure to click on the forth option to remove your profile and then click on the ‘Continue’ button as shown in the next image:

Remove Cupid Profile Page

Step 5

You will now be on the Pre-Removal Stage 3 page that asks you why you are leaving. And though this is just another veiled attempt to frustrate you and keep you to stay, don’t give in, and click on either the ‘I cannot afford the prices’ radio button or the ‘Other’ radio button (Note: choosing any of the other radio buttons will only side track you even more and take more steps to delete) and then clicking the ‘Continue’ button as show in the next image:

reason to delete cupid account

Step 6

Finally, we get to the last pre-removal page (stage 4) which is’s last ditch attempt to convince you to stay on their dating site. And not only do they try to convince you, but they also trick you by not making it clear which button to press. Most people would likely press the ‘Yes, Please’ button thinking that it means “yes, please finally remove my f#@cing account” but instead it confirms that you want to stay which means you’d have to go through this whole process again. However, I’ve already gone through this multiple times for you and know that you want to click the ‘No Thanks’ button as shown in the next image:

Cupid is a scam

Step 7

You are then shown the obligatory “Thank you for using” page which then tries to make it seem like you are the faulty one for not realizing how great Cupid is… the nerve of those guys. In addition it says that you can restore your account by logging back in, which is pretty sketchy because this means that they still have your information in their database even though they’ve removed all your profile stuff from the website. Unfortunately I don’t know how to get them to delete all your info from their database outside of constantly harassing them. Your best bet is to simply never go back to the site again and certainly never login again, unless you really want to…

Final Cupid Thank You Removal Page

After this you will likely get an email from them in your inbox confirming the removal of your account and profile. Also at the bottom of this email is Cupid Plc.’s contact phone number of 1 (212) 796-6946, which may or may not be useful if you want to call and have them completely remove your information from their database.

Hope that was useful and if you have any other questions on this process, please feel free to write them in the comments below and I’ll do my best to find an answer for you :)

11 thoughts on “How to Delete Your Cupid Account

  1. I have tried to cancel, but I have noticed they now want you to call some number in order to cancel. Definitely a scam web site. I am hoping since I just did a trial, it will just expire.

  2. talk me off these silly dates line,i dont no how ive got on it in the first place.i dont even no my pass word and im fed up of getting email for somthing i dont want,ive been married 33 years and i sertanly dont want another women.take me off now

  3. Hi Peter,

    Unfortunately I only write about what various online dating companies do, I have no control over what I another company does with your information. I’d be happy to try and walk you through the deletion process for the date site you are talking about, but will need more details of your situation, for example: what is the dating company that is sending you these emails? If you can provide me with a bit more information, then I’ll see what I can do about writing an article that walks you through the deleting/cancellation/removal process.

  4. They will send you your password (or make up a new one) if you click on the link “lost password” near the password input field.
    Scammers and bastards. Get rid of them ASAP.

  5. I don’t even know how they got my info, I never signed up for it! Also they’re instructions are a lie and have changed from your above. “My Account” >> “My Account Settings” (or some crap) >> “Remove Account” tab. This is just horrible.

  6. Ya the above person was correct. This has changed since you must have used it. They have no where on their site where you can unsubscribe… any thoughts for this newer version.

  7. I didn’t create a profile at but must have clicked a link on another dating site I was on…which now calls into question that sites ethics. I had uploaded photos two days ago and was absolutely shocked to find I had a profile on with the same photos I just uploaded complete with an utterly trashy headline. I was getting incoming chats and emails like crazy, I had been on the site for twenty minutes and was bombarded with emails some of which the men said they had never sent. I found out the site has a ‘flirt cast’ it sends automated messages to basically everyone unless you untick that option. It also sends automated responses to every email and chat invite unless you untick that option.

    I removed my account—but how do you know it’s really gone??? Unless you know someone else using the site….you really don’t know. I suggest before you remove your account, delete all of your photos, and then proceed with the above mentioned removal steps.

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