Do Online Dating Matching Systems Work?

Many singles turn to online dating websites because they’re tired of bad dates suggested by friends, family and coworkers and are ready to take matters into their own hands. Others use online dating websites specifically for their computer matching services which offer suggestions of potential partners based on complicated algorithms that are fueled by lengthy questionnaires. But with many of the top computer matching services requiring singles to invest around an hour into creating their profile, it’s not surprising that busy singles are skeptical of making such a time investment without truly knowing whether these systems work. Moreover, compatibility matching dating sites often cost more than traditional sites that allow singles to find their own matches, leaving many singles wondering whether they are worth the added investment.

As one who has tested and researched nearly a dozen of the best online dating sites, I’ve had the opportunity to use several online dating matching systems, and to see with my own eyes which ones truly offer relevant and interesting match suggestions. If you’re considering using an online dating site that offers computer matching, read my findings below to see which sites are worth using and which can use a bit of a technical tune-up.

Personality Matching – Some Options

To begin with, it’s worth noting that some personality matching dating sites allow users to search for their own matches while receiving match suggestions. Others, such as eHarmony, only allow singles to receive suggestions without browsing the company’s membership base. Having tried both options, my suggestion would be to start with a site that offers both search options. This is important because not only does it expand your options, but it allows you to see what type of people are registered for the site, so you can gauge whether there are ample options for you to choose from.

Another notable feature offered by some sites such as PerfectMatch is the guarantee of a certain number of match suggestions during the scope of your membership. This is an excellent way for singles to know that their time in creating their profile will yield some (hopefully worthwhile) results.

Which Dating Services Work Best

More and more dating websites are offering personality matching options as part of their package, but few make this the core of their service as do eHarmony, PerfectMatch and These three online dating websites have developed the most complex and comprehensive technology for providing relevant match suggestions. If you were to test the ‘match suggestion’ services of traditional dating sites against those offered by the top three, you’ll see there is no comparison in the quality and relevancy of the matches suggested. Consequently, if you’re seriously interested in a personality matching service, it’s best to stick with a company that focuses specifically on this approach to the dating process.

One thing that I noticed repeatedly during my research was that filling out personality profiles and reading the personality assessments that came with them gave me tremendous insights into my own personality and gave me things to consider about how I approached potential mates. Although all of the top personality matching dating sites offered some form of personality assessment, I was especially impressed by that offered by eHarmony, which not only described me to a T, but also offered insights into what my personality traits meant, which allowed me to understand how I interact with others, especially potential partners.

The assessment offered PerfectMatch was also relatively accurate, though I did find some discrepancies that highlighted the fact that computer algorithms aren’t always perfect. For example, my assessment suggested that I’m risk averse (which is true), but that a personality that works well with mine would be that of a risk taker. Needless to say, I had visions of myself on a date with someone who wanted to go skydiving while I preferred to stay back and photograph the event. It could work, but it didn’t sound like an ideal scenario.

I found the analysis to be relevant, but a bit more confusing to interpret, so it didn’t hold my interest as strongly as the others. For example, while eHarmony labeled me as a ‘agreeable’ and PerfectMatch noted that I was ‘high energy and optimistic’, classified me as a ‘builder’ with a secondary tendency towards being a ‘negotiator’. True, I do love to build complex projects and to resolve conflicts with negotiation, the descriptions of the personality types were hardly relevant. For example, describes a builder as someone social, patient and dependable, which, while admirable qualities, don’t truly jive with what a builder means.

Final Thoughts

I have no doubts that technological matching services offer excellent benefits for singles who are looking for highly compatible partners and committed, long-term relationships. Singles should take time to fill the questionnaires with thoughtfulness so that they increase their chances of finding success, even if it takes a while to complete. The high cost of these dating sites in comparison with traditional online dating services may be a bit of a turn-off, but I found that the high cost limited the membership to those who were truly invested in finding a partner. I didn’t mind that there were fewer members on these sites than on traditional dating sites. After all, there are still thousands of potential matches to consider, and you only need to find one perfect partner. With your own investment and the help of technology, your ideal companion may only be a few clicks away.

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3 thoughts on “Do Online Dating Matching Systems Work?

  1. Nice follow up blog. Well this is an excellent way for singles how they can be mingle. I am searching for a compatible partner for my own who can hold my hand for long time.

  2. Very interesting article. My experience has been with free online dating. I think that it has some potential for people to meet each other, but the odds are very tough. For a man, unless you are very good looking or have a lot of very attractive superficial qualities (like height, nice face, high-status sounding job, really cool pictures, in your late 20s to late 30s), you will have limited options. You will have to compensate for the low odds by playing a numbers game.

    And even that is just to secure dates. Once you have the dates, there’s no guarantee that the girls will be right for you. So I think online dating is a nice little supplemental tool for meeting people, but it is in no way, shape or form a substitute for real life in-person interaction, conversation and chemistry.

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