Single Parent Online Dating for Your Mom or Dad

You know your mom or dad better than anyone. Maybe your mom’s finally gotten over the divorce or your dad’s settling into his life as a widow. We all want our parents to be happy but if you suspect your parent’s missing that one key ingredient (read: love) then you’ve got to get them online! Dating sites are a great place to kindle new flames and whether your parent’s afraid of the technology or just doesn’t know where to start, here are some suggestions to help find them a match.

Explore the Options: Odds are if your parent hasn’t already taken initiative to join a dating site they’ve got some reservations. Maybe they don’t know how to use the internet that well or perhaps they think online dating has some sort of stigma. Once the conversation’s begun walk them through the options…are they more of the type or would a niche dating site like make more sense?

DO: Brooch the subject of online dating carefully and give your parent time to adjust to the idea

DON’T: Arbitrarily sign your parent up for a dating site…it’s got to be their decision

Walk Them Through it: Once you and your parent have decided on a site or two that peaks their interest help them with the application process. Take some pictures, work on the profile…you may find it’s fun getting to know your parent in a new way! If you’ve got your own online dating profile use it as an example to take some of the mystery out of the equation.

DO: Teach your parents what’s appropriate to put on their profile and help them fill it out

DON’T: Encourage your mom or dad to post something they’re not comfortable with

Make it Happen: After they’ve posted their profile your parent’s likely going to need some help deciding how to respond to suitors and what kind of communication is appropriate for an ‘online relationship.’ Teach them the ground rules about giving out their phone number and how it works once they decide they want to meet in person. This is a good time to discuss web safety and phishing, too, if your mom or dad isn’t that familiar with the online world.

DO: Encourage your parent to keep an open mind and really put themselves out there

DON’T: Let them forget to be vigilant about personal safety and giving out info on the web

Whether your mom or dad has been single all your life or they’re still learning to adjust to a world without a significant other one of the greatest gifts you can give them is help finding a life partner. Your parents will tell you when they’re ready to find love – don’t force them! – and the best way to help is be ready when they ask. It’s your job to help them think outside the box…from to and even there’s a whole world of dating sites out there just perfect for your single parent!

This post was written by Lior who is an expert in dating websites tips and tricks.