5 Best Android Dating Apps

OkCupid Android app

Google’s Android OS for mobiles was launched in 2008 and since then the mobile phone market has been flooded with smart phones using this technology to the utmost. There have also been thousands of apps in the Google app store meant for use on Android phones.

Besides gaming apps, there are several other useful products too on the Android app shelf which support people in carrying out their day to day activities promptly and with ease. Multimedia apps for music and video lovers, practical apps like cooking apps that give tips and recipe videos, shopping applications that give lists of stores nearby and online that sell a specific product along with quoted prices. Android social media apps are available such as those for Facebook, Twitter, and so on. The same way, there are many dating apps too available in Android market. Here in this article, you will learn about the best 5 Android dating apps.

What can mobile dating apps do for you?

Why wait to meet someone the conventional way is the question people are asking today. Online dating is the current accepted mode for finding soul mates and dates. With more and more men and women of all ages opting to look for dates online, Android dating apps have also proliferated rapidly. Many of the apps are sensibly designed, user friendly, easy to install and manage. They also yield genuine results for the discerning single in search of a deserving partner. These apps are meant for those in search of simple companionship too!

The Android dating apps are social applications which give men and women a chance to catch up on their dating activity even while they are on the move using Android mobiles. Folks can keep alive the pleasures of communicating with those they love and truly care for ñ by choosing from some of the best dating apps for Android mobiles.

Now to take a look at five Android Apps meant for dating:

1. Cupid Android App

This Android dating app has all it takes for individuals struck by Cupid! From receiving instant messages to fabulous smileys to free profile creation; this app gives a lot of flexibility. The best part is it notifies users when a Cupid user is in the vicinity!

2. Date Check App by Intelius

Date Check allows users to do a basic background check on blind dates. This means it is safer for use! By entering a name or phone number, users can gather information regarding partners they are considering and based on what they find, make a decision on whether to continue dating their choice.

3. Zoosk Dating App

With this app, men and women can search, date and flirt with any number of singles right from their Android phones. They can join for free, set up profiles quickly, upload photos easily and receive singles matches through GPS based searches.

4. OkCupid Dating App

This is a great Android app for dating which gives powerful features to chat with singles and pick up new friends locally. Searching for the right mate has been made easy, and this app offers so much fun. There are of course the usual features like broadcasting status, messaging and uploading pictures.

5. Mobile Spy App

This is surely one of the most helpful apps for those who are dating someone seriously. This application helps you monitor the activities of your date to know their true intentions. All you need to do is to install Mobile Spy onto your date’s smartphone, and the app will start letting you know each and every mobile phone activity of your date, so that you will get to know if your date is trustworthy to share more details.

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