Common Lies in Online Dating Profiles

Everyone wants someone to date and maybe someone to share their life with. For people like me, who don’t have much time to meet new people or socialize, as we call it, online dating is a boon. It has brought together people who are looking for a date online, categorized them and made it easier for people to find someone with the same likes, preferences and choices.

Once you register yourself on a dating portal, approaching a girl or a guy becomes relatively easier because everyone knows about the real purpose of registering with the website. There is no hesitation and one doesn’t mind getting approached. In fact, the first time I registered myself on a dating website, my inbox got flooded with requests and messages the very first day and for once, I took it as spam. But then it clicked to me that everyone here is looking for a date and they have every right to approach me through messages.

I became a regular on dating portals quickly and took pleasure in replying to all those who took a minute out to write to me. While it was always good to read people praising your looks and style, there was always some kind of disbelief. I could never trust anyone.

There were guys who would mention their age as less than 30 but when they would talk, I could sense that they are a lot more mature than their actual age. Some would claim themselves as single, but, quite often, when I tried fixing a date with them on weekends, they would make family excuses. My suspicions grew when a friend of mine narrated a similar experience where she went to meet a date and his wife followed him to the restaurant they were meeting in. The verbal arguments became violent when the wife confronted her husband before my friend. It was so embarrassing for her that she left the spot immediately and still has hard time believing anyone on a dating website.

Even though my friend kept warning me about the common lies in online dating profiles, I kept considering her story as just a one off case until one day I got the shock of my life. This guy I was regularly chatting with on a dating website, almost made me fall in love with him. He would ask me again and again how to propose a girl and I kept assuming he is going to propose to me. And then one day he invited me to a nice café. I dressed up nicely assuming I would be proposed to that day but what I found there was a big shock. I saw the same man proposing to his girlfriend in the same manner I had suggested him and all his friends were cheering for them. I couldn’t believe he was the same man I thought loved me.

There are many more cases of my friends and also my own wherein I discovered that not everyone speaks the truth on a dating website. Though I have found honest people too and I am proud to be really good friends with some of them, but I have had my share of shocks and failures when guys lied to me about their age, relationship status, fake pictures and even fake profiles. There were girls acting as guys and vice versa.

You will always find people who will lie about their real occupation, show off as a successful business person, some will actually post 10 year old pictures to show how young they look and others would simply have fake pictures.

One of my friends was shocked to see her details put on a fake profile. She couldn’t understand how someone could have done this and then it clicked to her that she had opened up too much and too early with a guy in her friends list. He created a fake profile and started using it to for his business and personal use.

Though there are people who have clear intentions and are serious about online dating, one must be cautious when interacting with someone online. Those seriously looking for a date would be true and honest with others, they will make their intentions clear to the person they are interacting with. But some people just want fun and they can go to any extent to be close to you. They may put fake pictures to attract you, post fake contact details, lie to you about their relationship status and also come so close that when they ask you to pay their bills for just one time from your credit card, you wouldn’t be able to say no.

To be very sure of the person you are dating or considering dating, google his/her name. Chances are that he will have other profiles too on other sites. If he is using a fake name, he may or may not have a second profile with the same name. Also try to find him on Facebook or ask your friends (who too are into online dating) if they have ever interacted with this guy. You may even use the “search by image” feature of Google Images to see if any of his/her pictures is used by any other website. Most often, such impostors would pick up photos from the internet, thinking that nobody will ever find out. Having very limited pictures of self on the profile must be taken as something to be suspicious about.

Online dating is a really good way of connecting with and dating like minded people, provided, you are cautious and try to get more details on him before committing anything.

3 thoughts on “Common Lies in Online Dating Profiles

  1. The best way to avoid getting hooked in to the wrong people is to get to a coffee date quickly. My husband and I exchanged 2 emails and had a five minute phone conversation before meeting. We will be celebrating our 8th wedding anniversary and 10th anniversary of our 1st date on September 10th! There are good people online. Keep the faith.

  2. It can be hard out there with all the different sites. But as long as you stay open and weed through a lot of BS, then you could find your match. Nice read.

  3. I agree 100% with checking their other online profiles. When I start connecting with someone I make sure that they know I’m cautious about the situation and poke fun at the fact that I want to look at their other social media profiles. It’s a good icebreaker (if they’re who they say they are) and it’s a way to make sure I’m not talking to a serial killer.

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