Husband Sues Ashley Madison Website for Wife’s Infidelity

Husband Sues Ashley Madison

In recent news, a husband from North Carolina is suing the online dating website because his wife used the dating service to cheat on him. Apparently North Carolina is one of the few states that lets people seek monetary damages from third parties for a failed marriage. In this case, the husband is not only blaming the other guy but also blaming the Ashley Madison website and its parent company, Avid Dating Life Inc. You’d think with all this blame being thrown about that the wife who decided to cheat would be the actual cause of the affair.

For those that don’t know, Ashley Madison is an online dating site specifically designed for the purposes of married individuals to seek out an affair or basically sleep with someone who is not the person they are married to. In fact, their tag line is:

“Life is short. Have an affair.”

In my opinion, this whole thing reeks of a frivolous lawsuit and one angry husband’s last ditch attempt to cash in on his crumbling marriage. The fact is that the sole person who broke the marriage contract was the guy’s wife. No one forced her to use and break her marriage vows.

In addition, it’s not like the Ashley Madison site is the sole means for people to have an affair. People cheat all the time using many different methods of meeting to do so. For example, would it be right to sue a business if one of its employees cheated on their spouse with another employee simply because they worked in the same place? Would it be right to sue Verizon if a spouse cheated on their wife or husband via the Verizon texting service? Of course not!

The whole thing is rather ridiculous and it’ll be interesting to see how it plays out. My guess is that the judge will throw the case out. Regardless, one thing that we can take away from this is one piece of anecdotal evidence that Ashley Madison did work for at least two people.

I’m curious to hear other people’s opinion on this story in the comments below. What do you think?