Millionaire Tries to Land Latina Girlfriend via Billboard

Christmas Latina Girlfriend Billboard

Apparently this reality show millionaire decided that he’d seek out a Latina girlfriend by buying a billboard advertisement which prominently features his headshot along with the following text:

All I Want for Christmas is a Latina Girlfriend.

It then gives his email address which of course is an aol address, an indicator of how likely far behind the times this man is. But I’m not writing about this to just make fun of his email address but to examine the parallels of this extravagant dating tactic compared to online dating.

In a sense, all the guy is doing is putting up his profile and contact information in order to get a date. Granted, his profile is on the side of a highway and deliberately showing off his wealth. And this is where I see the problem, what kind of a woman is he attracting by using this billboard dating method? My guess would be mainly gold diggers.

My opinion is that this is a highly inefficient way of getting a girlfriend and the ones that he does get aren’t likely to be his soul mate or dream girl which he indicates from the story in U-T Sandiego, that that is exactly what he is looking for.

“I will not let the vandals discourage me- nothing will get in the way of me finding my dream woman, my soul mate. In fact, when they tear it down, it makes me more determined to find my special lady- thats why I am a success, I never give up. Nothing gets in my way. I know I will find her.”

For a millionaire this guy doesn’t seem very efficient to me. Why would he think that a billboard which says nothing about the man, other than display his wealth, think that he’d find his soulmate? To me it seems very needy and shows that just because you are a millionaire, doesn’t mean you have a clue on how to attract someone for a meaningful relationship.

I’m curious what others think about the billboard dating tactic? Please share your thoughts in the comments below.