Why Women’s Bad Online Dating Profiles Still Attract Tons of Men

Bad Online Dating Profiles - Cracked.com

A Cracked.com writer recently conducted an online dating experiment to test the depravity and desperation of men when it comes to seeking potential dates online. The experiment was pretty basic; setup an OkCupid dating profile with pictures of a very attractive woman, yet make the written part of the profile sound like the girl was an idiotic narcissist with a terrible personality; then sit back and watch what happens.

So what happened? Well, if you are a veteran of online dating and aware of how the average male uses online dating sites like OkCupid, then you would know that the attractive woman in this experimental profile ended up receiving tons of messages (over 150 in 24 hours) from men wanting to meet her. And as bad as her profile and subsequent messages with different guys were, they still did not mind how faulty this woman’s personality was.

The main problem I see with this experiment is that it assumed it was a bad dating profile because of what was written on it. However, most people don’t understand that a lot of men only look at the pictures and will completely skip reading the profile. What you get is a lot of guys sending canned openers or pre-written messages in bulk to the women they find attractive. This is called the shotgun approach to online dating, spray a bunch of pellets out there and hope you hit something.

The reason guys do this type of “shotgun” approach is because most first messages that a guy sends to a woman will rarely get responded to regardless of their looks or specially crafted message (though some men do better than others). Thus, in order for a guy to get any responses at all, he has to play the numbers game that consequently leads to the problem of finding the time to read hundreds of profiles and writing hundreds of carefully crafted messages.

Even some top seduction gurus advocate NOT reading profiles when sending the first message, but to only do so if she responds. Taking this approach is much more time effective even if you happen to lose out on a small portion of girls who deem the first message generic or unrelated to her laundry list of do’s and don’ts.

In addition, the experimenter also assumed that the guys who may have read the profile were looking for traditional dates and relationships, when it was more likely that the 150 guys who messaged her were just looking for a quick hook-up with a hot chick. And since her profile indicated that she may be a woman of questionable virtues, along with model caliber pictures, then it’s no surprise that the profile attracted these types of men.

I think one commenter, named IronyTag, who posted on the original article hit the nail on the head:

That isn’t how you write a bad profile. Here is how someone who is looking for a quickie will view this ad:

1. She’s hot.
2. She’s easy
3. She’s got her own money.
4. She’s got a sense of fun.
5. She’s easy
6. She’s hot
7. She might be stupid enough to go out with me.
7. Don’t know who Aaron Carter is and don’t care.

While this writer’s experiment wasn’t exactly ground breaking or surprising, it does help to show that if women put up attractive pictures, they are going to get a full inbox, regardless of how terrible their written portion of their bad online dating profiles are.

By the way, I’m sure if you did a similar experiment with an attractive male model with chiseled abs, you’d likely get a lot of women messaging that profile looking for the same thing – hot sex!