10 Online Dating Anxiety Tips For Your First Date

You have been chatting, texting, and messaging your potential online date successfully for multiple back and forth exchanges now. You have talked enough for each of you to realize that there is some initial interest. The moment to meet personally and have an actual one-on-one conversation has finally come.

Isn’t it exciting? Of course! But why are you so anxious and nervous? Are you having cold feet? Don’t worry. Your feelings are normal. I mean, who wouldn’t have online dating anxiety prior to your first date? You finally will know if any of that initial online chemistry exists in reality. You can now tell if the person on the other line is as exciting and interesting as he or she seems online.

So how do you stop the anxiety and just enjoy your first actual date? I give you these 10 tips.

1. Talk to a friend beforehand

A pep talk can help you clear certain things that might be bothering you. Having someone else’s perspective will help in easing your anxiousness and fears.

2. Stop playing possible scenarios in your mind

Even if you plan the date, what happens right at that moment is beyond your control. What you need to do is just think positive. Do not stress yourself on the “what ifs”. Just enjoy the experience.

3. Workout or Do yoga

On that day, your mind can become overactive. You’ll think about a lot of things. Release the restless energy by doing cardio exercises or yoga poses.

4. Be casual

If you are not, you will appear awkward. The day should go smoothly. Do not put on an act. It will show eventually. Make it as cool as it can possibly be.

5. Make it fun

Do not be a bore. Inject humor. Share some funny anecdotes to make the conversation light. Laughing takes anxiousness away.

6. Understand your date is not perfect, just like you

Striving for perfection will just heighten your nervousness.

7. Set realistic expectations

It is the first date. Do not expect that everything will be revealed to you on that day. You may or may not have a follow-up date, but at least be open to the idea that getting to know a person more intimately takes time.

8. Know what and what not to ask

Stick to the proven good first date questions like “How’s your family and friends? How are you today? Do you want to talk about your day?” Do not embarrass your date by asking silly and inappropriate questions like “How much do you earn? What bills do you pay? Can I see your place?”

9. Prepare to be disappointed

I know I said be positive about meeting for the first time, but I also said be realistic. So my point is that the person’s emotional response is out of your hands. If it doesn’t go as expected, it’s probably for the best.

10. Keep the faith

A happily ever-after is not always possible especially when it started as an online dating prospect; however, there is also a chance that it is. It happens to some people. It can happen to you too.

Stop worrying about online dating causing anxiety for you, okay? Just go with it. You might be surprised, a good kind of surprised.

One thought on “10 Online Dating Anxiety Tips For Your First Date

  1. I do my best to not add any unneeded pressure to the situation. I take the approach that whatever happens, happens. If it’s a disaster, that just means I’m one closer to finding “the one”. Don’t misinterpret that as me not trying. I always hope a date goes great and the girl I am meeting could turn out to be something special. I just am realistic about things and take a positive outlook regardless.

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