18 Zoosk Profile Tips for Men

Zoosk Profile Tips

The online dating site Zoosk.com has recently released an infographic based on data collected from its website over the past several years. The infographic outlines many great tips for creating or editing one’s Zoosk profile, or any online dating profile for that matter. Lets take a look.

Profile Pictures

One of the first things of a dating profile that most people of both genders look at are the pictures, which makes the effort of putting up your best pictures on your profile of utmost importance. The following profile picture statistics should help to determine the types of photos to put up on your profile.

  • Photos taken outside receive 19% more messages.
  • Photos taken as a selfie receive 8% less messages.
  • Having a full body shot picture increased messages by a whopping 203%.
  • Having more than one person in your photos decreased messages by 42%
  • Posing with animals in profile pictures decreased messages by 53%

Considering these Zoosk profile picture statistics it would make a lot of sense to get pictures that are taken by someone else, such as a friend or professional photographer that is outside if possible.

Also, I found it interesting that pictures where the subject is posing with animals decreased the amount of messages. I had assumed that animals would tend to make the subject appear more friendly and approachable, but these Zoosk stats seem to indicate otherwise.

Zoosk Profile Examples of What to Write

After your profile pictures comes the written part of one’s profile. This typically takes some time and many drafts of writing to come up with something that shows who you are and what your interests are without coming off as either a creepy scumbag or a needy beta boy. The following few statistics should help to give some idea of what words to use and not use in the written part of your online profile.

  • Profiles that mentioned the words ‘divorce’, ‘separate’, and ‘my ex’ increased messages by 52%
  • Profiles that mentioned ‘son‘, ‘daughter‘, ‘teenager‘, ‘children‘, ‘single dade‘, or ‘single mom‘ increased messages by 7%.
  • Mentioning jogging, running, lifting weights, or yoga increased messages by 21%.
  • Mentioning the words ‘book‘, ‘read‘, or ‘write‘ increased messages by 21%.
  • Using the words ‘guitar‘, ‘piano‘, ‘music‘, ‘instrument‘, or ‘singing‘ increased messages by 15%.
  • Mentioning motorcycles increased messages by 7%.
  • Using words like ‘creative‘, ‘ambitious‘, ‘laugh‘, or ‘health‘ increased messages by 33%.
  • Using the word “alone” decreased messages by 24%.

As expected, profiles that use words showing or demonstrating their interests and hobbies are always good to include. Even more interesting though is the positive statistics related to mentioning that you are separated, divorced, etc.; along with mentioning if you have a child.

Words Not To Use When Sending Messages

The following statistics shows some sample message tips when using the Zoosk messenger to contact women on the dating site, most of which are what not to use.

  • First messages sent to girls that mention “dinner“,”drinks“, or “lunch” get a 35% decrease in response rate.
  • Using the word “baby” to describe her decreases your response rate by 10%.
  • Using the word “beautiful” to describe her decreased your response rate by 13%.
  • Poor spelling such as using the following errors: tehurcuzdontb4, im,  decreased response rates by 13%.
  • Using the emoticon ‘:-)’ increased response rate by 13% whereas the emoticon ‘:)’ decreased response rates by 66%.

Much of these should be obvious, like using proper spelling and grammar, along with the concept of not putting some random girl on the Internet up on a pedestal by showering her with superficial compliments about her looks. Again, not coming off as a creep is the key here.