Finding The Right Dating Community Online Means Putting Your Privacy First

When online dating first became a major trend it was a conglomeration of small dating sites that were each designed to accommodate a narrow niche audience, and more often than not people who owned the site were also actually using the site to find dates of their own. That level of hands on interaction, and having their own skin in the game, made dating site owners directly accountable for the ways they managed accounts and handled privacy policy questions if any arose. Then the online dating industry grew larger and corporate interests starting to consolidate smaller sites in search of the biggest possible dollar signs.

That’s really where sites like Ashley Madison ultimately ran off the rails said one boutique dating site owner on the condition that his true identity would remain anonymous. Beyond the hacks and the security and all that, it was apparent to me that the people who owned the site hadn’t actually used the site for quite a long time because if they had, they would never have allowed that kind of shenanigans to go on with their own personal information.

When you look at all of the best known dating sites, you’ll likely be thinking of the so-called mainstream dating sites that have been advertised ad nauseam on television and radio. While there are some advantages to having a large audience and an even larger bankroll for buying ads, it’s safe to say that a lot of people who work on sites like eHarmony, OKCupid, AshleyMadison and others do not have an active account on their own sites have not had an account for a while, or never had an account at all.

Especially in the gay community, there has always been an importance placed on pride and we take our own stewardship responsibilities for the LGBT agenda to heart said Stephan of I have an active account on All Male and I check it daily. Sure a lot of that time is as a site admin making sure things run smoothly on a technical level, but I’m also as interested in finding cute local men in my area as any other member of our site.

All Male makes an important point and one that appears all to common online. The gay community seems to possess far more interest in setting acceptable standards and monitoring the security / privacy settings of accounts than the straight dating community has ever shown. Perhaps that comes from a much greater rate of connectivity among site management and the millions of people who are members at any given moment.

We won’t be misusing anyone’s information, because I don’t want my own information being misused, and I’m in that database right alongside the other sexy single men that check out All Male in search of another amazing gay hookup each afternoon or evening.

Perhaps the solution to the privacy settings online dating paradox is for more sites to entertain the same sort of standards that are all too often reserved for leading gay sites where account reps, management and owners seem infinitely more likely to be seeking no-strings-attached arrangements that go beyond the overly simplistic bonds of monogamy and matrimonial fealty that to many straight sites artificially expect of people. Put simply, if the people who own a dating site arenĂ­t using that dating site as more than a way to make money you are likely better off joining a site like All Male where their interests and yours are in far more precise alignment.