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Husband Sues Ashley Madison Website for Wife’s Infidelity

Husband Sues Ashley Madison

In recent news, a husband from North Carolina is suing the online dating website because his wife used the dating service to cheat on him. Apparently North Carolina is one of the few states that lets people seek monetary damages from third parties for a failed marriage. In this case, the husband is not only blaming the other guy but also blaming the Ashley Madison website and its parent company, Avid Dating Life Inc. You’d think with all this blame being thrown about that the wife who decided to cheat would be the actual cause of the affair. Continue reading Husband Sues Ashley Madison Website for Wife’s Infidelity

Does Ashley Madison Work?

While it is hard to quantify whether any online dating website works for anyone, or whether one site is more trustworthy in it’s business practices than others, I feel that there is some evidence out there that suggests that Ashley Madison is used and does work for some people.

Though I have personally never used the site, I will point out a few people who have written about their experiences using Ashley Madison, along with their approach to finding dates or potential affairs on the site. And while these experiences are limited to particular people’s experiences, hopefully the anecdotal evidence is enough to help you decide if Ashley Madison works or not. Continue reading Does Ashley Madison Work?