Top Ten Mistakes In Online Dating

Online dating is a proven formula that works, if one follows the rules. A key to understanding online dating is that these are not intended for ordinary affairs, but deep connections with the potential for long-term or permanent loving partnerships. Here is a list of the top ten mistakes online daters make. Avoid these, and you can hope to increase the likelihood of meeting his or her true partner sooner. Continue reading Top Ten Mistakes In Online Dating

4 Common Dating Profile Phrases and What They Mean

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For years, I’ve heard countless dating experts argue that body language is the best way to read a person you’re dating. I, however, have trouble believing that ancient argument. I simply cannot understand why people are more apt to believe the way a person is positioned in a chair or is fidgeting with their hands as opposed to the words that come out of their mouth. Continue reading 4 Common Dating Profile Phrases and What They Mean

How is Gay Online Dating Different Than Straight Dating?

The following is a guest article from Terrence of The Manplay Blog.

Meta: Gay online dating differs from straight dates in a myriad of ways; from profiles to locales, gay daters like to shake things up from their straight counterparts!

First off, there is no right or wrong answer to this. It’s a complicated issue that only gets further complicated by the fact that it is easy to talk in stereotypes whenever you are talking about one segment of the population against another. Here are some of the things I’ve noticed, having scoured thousands of profiles online and compared them to many on straight dating sites. Continue reading How is Gay Online Dating Different Than Straight Dating?

Practicing Safe Sex with Online Dating

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So you’ve found someone you like online, you’ve swapped messages, chatted for a while, texted each other and everything seems to be going really well! It’s time for that first meeting in a public place… and it goes brilliantly! You get on really well, the conversation flows easily and there’s a definite attraction & chemistry between you.

This is where things could get awkward… Sex with a new partner (whether it’s on the first date or after the third, or only happens once you’ve known each other for months or even if you decide to wait until you’re married) is something that you need to think carefully about. Continue reading Practicing Safe Sex with Online Dating

Preparing For Your First Online Date

Have you tried going out and meeting new people through online dating? If this is your first time, then you are on the right page my friend. This is not just your ordinary blog post but this can change your fate forever. I am sure that you got in to this not by an accident but because you are curious on how it is to win the game in dating. For those who have been going, this can help you improve your game plan in whatever level you are in right now. This will boost your confidence in dealing not just with people but also with situations that might catch you off guard. Continue reading Preparing For Your First Online Date

Single Parent Online Dating for Your Mom or Dad

You know your mom or dad better than anyone. Maybe your mom’s finally gotten over the divorce or your dad’s settling into his life as a widow. We all want our parents to be happy but if you suspect your parent’s missing that one key ingredient (read: love) then you’ve got to get them online! Dating sites are a great place to kindle new flames and whether your parent’s afraid of the technology or just doesn’t know where to start, here are some suggestions to help find them a match. Continue reading Single Parent Online Dating for Your Mom or Dad

Do Online Dating Matching Systems Work?

Many singles turn to online dating websites because they’re tired of bad dates suggested by friends, family and coworkers and are ready to take matters into their own hands. Others use online dating websites specifically for their computer matching services which offer suggestions of potential partners based on complicated algorithms that are fueled by lengthy questionnaires. But with many of the top computer matching services requiring singles to invest around an hour into creating their profile, it’s not surprising that busy singles are skeptical of making such a time investment without truly knowing whether these systems work. Moreover, compatibility matching dating sites often cost more than traditional sites that allow singles to find their own matches, leaving many singles wondering whether they are worth the added investment. Continue reading Do Online Dating Matching Systems Work?

Online Dating Horror Stories You Can Avoid

I have a good friend Sara, who recently met the man of her dreams (John) through an online dating service. Or, at least that’s what she thought. She had been very careful about the information she exposed about herself online, and has a ruthless screening process when it comes to choosing men to meet in a public place for a first date. However, despite all this, she still became a victim to the online dating horror stories which have become so common across the Internet. Continue reading Online Dating Horror Stories You Can Avoid

How To Write a Good Dating Profile That Is Impressive

If you are registered with a dating website, you must be aware of how difficult it is to go through a number of profiles and shortlist a few from them. Some profiles attract with a dashing pic but the inside information makes us reject them. And, the ones that do not have attractive display pictures automatically get rejected.

Now think of other people who face similar issues when they visit your profile. Some may find your profile picture really nice, however a boring, sulking or whining bio will turn them off. Or some may simply ignore your profile because your display pic just doesn’t catch their eye. Continue reading How To Write a Good Dating Profile That Is Impressive