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Cheesy Chat Up Lines To Watch Out For This Valentine’s

Hoping to charm the one you admire this Valentine’s with your words of wisdom and captivating charisma? Well then it’s probably best to avoid any sort of chat up line, as more often than not they tend to crash and burn.

Although one liners provide a good laugh for the recipient (and recipient’s friends for months to come), they will, more often than not, leave you utterly embarrassed – unless you get extremely lucky. So, how about you buy your crush a drink, induce relaxed conversation and leave the cheese at home?

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Using Picture Rating Sites for Profile Attraction

Editors Note: I wrote this article in mind for males specifically, however, the same process should work as well for females if not better.

Rise of the Picture Rating Sites

Back in the early 2000s, a small little picture rating site know as hit the Interwebs in a big viral tidal wave with it’s unique but simple concept of rating people based on their looks. Though not quite novel in the history of men, as we have been rating women for on some sort of scale for ages. However, with this new innovative move to the Internet, the practice of objectifying everyone and anyone on a one to ten scale could now be streamlined on a massive scale. Essentially, HotorNot became the Henry Ford of objectifying peoples beauty and lack thereof. Continue reading Using Picture Rating Sites for Profile Attraction

Announcing the 45 Day Online Dating Challenge

After doing an extensive online dating profile case study in the last post, it got me to thinking about my own Internet dating efforts and realized that I’ve been slouching lately. A quick look at my own dating profile made me realize that it was about due for some renovations and updates.

After even more thinking, I realized that I should probably spend a certain period of time where I essentially go all out, guns blazing, in the online dating realm. I’m talking complete testing, re-testing, and overhaul of my dating profiles followed by 30 days of sending out messages to potential dates. It would basically be an experiment to see what happens when a guy really puts in a ton of effort with Internet dating. Continue reading Announcing the 45 Day Online Dating Challenge

Penpal Dating

Back in the day, before the Interwebs came along, there was such a thing as Pen Pals. The concept of a pen pal was that you basically write letters, with an actual pen and paper, to another person or friend who is a long distance away. It was kind of a neat concept at the time, when we were more closed off, communication wise, to other parts of the world. Having a pen pal allowed one to share a bond with someone of a different culture and become pals. Now a day’s, with the exception of email, that concept has basically died. Continue reading Penpal Dating

Vegetarian Singles vs. BBQ Singles

Are you having trouble looking for dates with high I.Q.s and great bodies? Well, all you have to do is a search on your favorite online dating site for the word “vegetarian.” Yup, that’s it, one simple search for vegetarian singles and you easily narrow down the gene pool to the hottest and brightest. What’s that? You think I’m full of crap? Well ok, this might be a little controversial but hear me out and let me tell you about my not so scientific research. Continue reading Vegetarian Singles vs. BBQ Singles

Vegetarian Dating Options?

It just occurred to me that Plenty of Fish doesn’t has an option to categorize oneself as a vegan or vegetarian. There are plenty of other things to categorize oneself by like religion, body type, preference for children, your drinking/smoking habits and even if you have a car or not. All of these very clear lifestyle choices that one would certainly consider when looking for a potential relationship. Yet the one thing that isn’t categorized is a person’s eating habits.

Now maybe it’s just me and I live in a large liberal city, Boston, with tons of mostly liberal college students with a pretty good chunk of them, from my observation, being vegetarians or vegans. I’m not sure why I’m relating liberalism with the propensity towards vegetarianism but it seems to be the case. Anyways, from this growing trend I think that it is apparent that more and more people will want to date and be in relationships with people of similar eating habits.

It makes sense to filter dates in this manner, particularly when on large dating sites like PlentyofFish.

For example, the last girl I dated was a vegetarian. Though I tend to lean towards a mostly vegetarian diet, I’m still an omnivore and consume meat on an occasional basis. This got pretty tricky when we’d go out to eat on dates. Sometimes I would forget that she was a vegetarian and take her to places with little options for that kind of diet… oopps! Luckily for me, she was pretty easy going with having to deal with restaurants filled with voracious carnivores, but I have heard some stories where the omnivore/vegan dates really butt heads.

There was a good New York Times article last year called, “I Love You, but You Love Meat,” which nicely illustrated the potential dating conflicts that meat eaters and vegans can have.

“…many vegetarians say they cannot date anyone who eats meat. Vegans, who avoid eating not just animals but animal-derived products, take it further, shivering at the thought of kissing someone who has even sipped honey-sweetened tea.”

Sometimes it probably goes a little too far but I certainly don’t blame people for only wanting to date others with the same eating habits. After all, eating is a pretty big part of our lives, it ranks way up there on the needs scale, right next to stuff like… breathing. When you’re eating three times a day, at least one of those meals is probably with your spouse, doesn’t it make sense that the two should be on the same page diet wise?

As far as online dating sites go, there’s one for every niche out there. Of course, this certainly means that there are vegetarian and vegan dating sites to cater to this crowd. Take the site VeggieDate for example which caters to people with all kinds of variations in veggie like diets from lacto ovo vegetarians, vegans and even macrobiotic diets… whatever that is.

So here’s my thing, with the rise of preferences for a certain dietary lifestyle in a relationship, shouldn’t this be a category choice added to the mainstream online dating sites like Plenty of Fish? Isn’t one’s choice in food just as important a quality in a date as their drinking habits? Perhaps I’m nitpicking a bit but I think I just might be on to something here.

A quick search in the PlentyofFish forums with the word “vegetarian” brings up a crap load of threads, over thirty, all with the same heated debates about dating vegetarians, vegans and the like.

What do you guys and gals think? How does ones dietary choice affect your online dating habits?